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Fox Lake soccer classes for 7/20/18 will take place at the Lakefront Building

Algonquin Pee Wee T-ball for 7/20/18 will take place in the Algonquin Lakes School Gym

Algonquin Soccer/T-ball Combo for 7/21/18 will take place in the Rakow Center Gym

Cancellations/Make-Up Dates


6/29/18 - All Fox Lake classes are CANCELLED

Make-up Dates

Vernon Township Soccer/T-ball - makeup date is 7/11/18

Algonquin Soccer/T-ball - makeup date is 7/14/18

Here at Sports R Us, we build a foundation in athletics through quality instruction in which each participant can build upon, as they grow older. Along with this, we seek to improve each participant's mental and physical well being by stressing sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and above all FUN in athletics. We always try to minimize the competition level and promote increased participation. Nobody is a loser in our clinics and programs; everybody is a WINNER! We look forward to meeting you! Call today for more information on upcoming clinics and program











We are always accepting coaching applications to become a part of our Sports R Us family. We prefer you to specialize in one sport, or have experience in a few sports. We provide training for all courses and have a variety of programs. If you are interested in becoming a coach please visit our office located at 2701 N US Hwy 12, Spring Grove, IL or call us at: 815-675-9365